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Meet The Mary Owens Designs Staff!

Meet The Mary Owens Designs Staff! 


Mary Owens - Owner/Artist
I would like to welcome you to my website.  First of all I would like to give you some information on my background.  I have enjoyed a teaching career in Decorative Painting for over 20 years, and have been travel-teaching for the last half of that. In the past ten years I have developed a technique for pen and ink that is unique, teachable and not very expensive!  I taught mostly in my home studio in Western New York, and the year the National Convention was held in Columbus Ohio, I met the KOH-I-NOOR Company.   They were looking for a team of traveling teachers, and I came home with a whole new career.  While working with the technical pen, I developed a technique for adding color that I refer to as OIL ROUGING.  Along with this technique I show students how they can design their own patterns with the use of an opaque projector!  The KOPYKAKE Company in Torrance California let me redesign one of their projectors and I renamed it KOPYART. Students taking my seminars can work with one of these projectors and with a hands-on approach they can actually experience how the design process can be achieved.   Using photos and snippets from magazines or clip art; a student can actually create a working design!  I find pen and ink to be very versatile.  It travels well from home to vacation spot, back and forth to the studio, and I can work with my technical pen on the plane between traveling back and forth to seminar locations, and just about anywhere when the urge hits!

This catalog will let you browse through photos of the choices of my pattern packets
that can be purchased. These are projects that include color photos, detailed patterns, and complete written instructions that will outline every step to completing these designs. Along with the patterns, I offer all of the equipment necessary to completing these projects, allowing you the ease of locating materials that are not easily found in some locations around the United States and Canada, and for the most part- all over the world.

My seminar
 is included, which outlines how I teach and the requirements for contracting me for dates. My schedule is complete at this time.  I am very happy with my certification program for teachers that began 10 years ago in Panama City Beach, Florida. Since then I have conducted several in different states as well as in Canada.  I am thrilled to be working with teachers that have taken my 5 day program and are working to develop their student bases and network with me.  In this website I include a newsletter that will update you on new products, programs, and everything that's new that I discover!  I also have included several free pattern packets that you can print out for your enjoyment.  There are buttons that you can point and click on to read detailed information on how to work with, maintain, as well as trouble-shoot the technical pen that really adds life to pen and ink.  Now that I am working with the Etch All line of products; inking and rouging on glass is truly a joy!   I have several new packets that will be scanned in and featured shortly.  Please email me at  with questions or comments.


Ralph Owens
Mary's Husband

Office Mascots: Hunny Bear and Penny


This article was published on Friday 18 January, 2008.

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